Just to break the champagne on the bow. This company has been a dream of mine for a “long time”, well in my mind. For example, I remember when I was at the gym this guy asked me how I knew how to lift so well. I said, “Well I have been doing it for a long time.”. He then was like, “How old are you 18?”. I was actually 20, and I guess if you had been lifting since you were in 8th grade and are 20, that feels like a long time.

I have been playing sports forever, it seems to me anyway. I began playing soccer (pack ball) when I was 7. Then volleyball and track in middle school. In high school; volley ball, track (indoor and outdoor), cross country and soccer. Though I replaced volleyball with indoor track my senior year. Like I said, it felt like a long time.

I had just finished up my first year of college at Northern Michigan University (NMU), where I had received a scholarship for track and cross country and was looking to transfer. One reason is because I wanted to run for a D1 school, but also because I realized what I really wanted to do. I had previously been a psychology major, mostly because I love people so much and believe they all have their own unique light.

In my winter semester at NMU I had taken Art 1 or Drawing 1, I am not totally sure of the exact title of the course. I just remember there was this need to take art, like a creativity craving that needed to get filled. Art had been missing in my life like and an old friend since I took 3 years of it in high school. Once I took that course again I knew my career had to be some kind of creative for me to be truly happy.

That summer I made the connection and here is how the connection equation worked out. The love of people + the love of sports + the love of art = sportswear design. I am not sure exactly when the idea hit me, but I remember being on the phone with my friend the idea first emerged from my lips. I wanted to own my own sportswear company.  I knew that somehow I could do better than what was out there. I saw a lot of sportswear companies as being too far away from its clients and I wanted to reach out to each and every one of my wears.

That is when I transferred to Michigan State University to run for a D1 school to pursue my dream and haven’t looked back yet.

-Life, I am so excited!


About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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