I got off the bus and walked quickly to California Market Center (CMC), like I had done it a 1,000 times. When I entered I heard the soft far off thud of music, I knew there had to be a fashion show going on. I noticed the notorious book store immediately; it was to my left, small and had three tiny aisles. I was greeted by a French men with gray hair slicked back importantly walking about the store. He seemed to be trying to appear helpful and at the same time not to appear too eager, like that wasn’t cool.

I was trying to not whoop for joy at the amount of knowledge that was heaped around me. I quietly picked up a book, but inside my head I was dancing on the checkout counter; pulling all the books off the shelf and making snow angles. I kept asking the poor store clerk, “Do you have label making books, patent books, and supplier books?”. They even have an in house pattern making, grading and marketing service. After spending many hours in there just chilling and reading I left (I never buy things right away).

I walked to my left and there was a shop with fake leather purses in it and scarves. I glanced around and reminded myself for the 100th time that I had not gone to California to shop. I walked back in the direction I came and went to go on the elevator. Pausing for a millisecond to long the security guard stopped me, and then realized I didn’t have a pass. I told him that I didn’t know I needed a pass (which was true) and I think he expected me to get angry, and I didn’t (it was an odd exchange).

I then tried to go into huge room with lots of clothes and shoes guarded by this girl. I did this more so to see what would happen than the real want to go in there . She was sitting like a chief on a stool out in front with Gucci glasses on. She said, “Are you registered?”.  At this time, I got an initial peak of the goods for sale, and they were not something UR would really represent. I told her no. She said, “Go to the desk and get registered”.  I went to the only desk I saw and asked the lady. The women there told me again that I need to get registered; apparently I was at the information desk. She asked if I had a retail store and I said yes, immediately after I said yes, I realized in fact I didn’t really have a retail store (not a fully functioning one anyway). Also I would not be selling what they had to offer in my retail store, so I did the only thing I knew to do to not look like a total crazy. I stood near the desk and made a phone call.. to my mom.

After I felt I had spent enough time on the phone I went back toward the fake leather purse shop and realized there were guards at the elevator and the down escalator wasn’t running. I asked a guard, “Is there anything down stairs?”. He said, “No.”. Then I took pictures and narrowly avoided a lady yelling at me, because she thought I was taking them of her. Wow.

Thus in summary, I couldn’t go up or down or in any store but the book store, a fake leather purse shop and a grocery. This concluded my first trip to the CMC, which I am still rather clueless as to what goes on there.

-Life, I am so excited!

WO: 9miles 4 strides
Conditions: Awesomely Rainy


About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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