I arrived at about 9:00 am to the Writers Guild of America or WGA where my friend Corinne Tippin works. She is the department head of Membership, which is a great accomplishment! She showed me the Hollywood sign from her window, two weeks and this is the first time I had ever seen it. We both kind of got excited by that. She drew me a map and told me good places to check out. She had to work all day, so I was going to meet up with a friend.

On my way to Starbucks a bum in a wheel chair flew by me going backwards, propelled by his legs yelled, “Nice red boots Dorothy!”. He then laughed at his witty remark. I was like sir you are more right than you know, because I surly am not in Kansas anymore.

I crossed the street and headed to Starbucks to sit and wait until the famous farmers market opened at 10:00am. Next to me a man with gray hair and glasses was getting interviewed by these three pretty girls. I think he was some kind of politician, but I am kind of ignorant to California’s government sadly. They pretty trio kept looking over at me nervously like I was trying to steal their story. I think it was because I was writing in my journal, so I put my ear buds in. The “interview” ended shortly after.

At 10:00am I walked into the farmers market it was not a typical farmers market not the kind I am used to with people yelling their wares. More like an outdoor mall with kiosks. People slowly filtered in and out. The market sold things like spices, teas, fruit, vegetables and juices. Like a mall they even had a food court with so many food choices it was scary, from Greek to Japanese. There were tons of people there for a Wednesday morning. It was in this rush of people that I met up with my friend Kelly who had walked from her apartment to meet.

From there we went down Third Street to look in the thrift shops or should we say vintage shops along the way. It was funny, but these shops would have like their name brand cloths that they would carry, usually pretty inexpensive stuff. Then they would also have vintage stuff with another tag and the price on it, but the tag would not be the people who actually constructed the clothes. This is what I think happens is that people are buyers for vintage clothing. Then they put their littler tags on it and sell it to a store which is kind of intelligent, if you ask me.

We then walked to Hollywood and I had to be a gross tourist. I think it is called the walk of fame and where there are the names inside the stars. There were also the cement tiles with actors and actresses signatures. Pretty cool stuff. We walked into the Kodak Theater, and if you are like me and have no idea about that stuff. The Kodak Theater is where they have the Oscars. That was all fairly exciting stuff. It was like a 6 mile hike total. Definitely worth it!



About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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