Today I ran from West Hollywood where I was staying, to the famous Rodeo drive. It was really cool to see all the shops even if they hadn’t opened yet. I really didn’t have any expectations of it, but when you run past Yves Saint Laurent, Cavalli and Fedi (to name just a few) all in one fell swoop you are kind of stunned. Their window displays were great, but they also gave me confidence. I had seen these styles and position trends before. I felt like I was not as naive as I first thought.

Even more crazy they mop the cobble streets. It was a bit of a down hill and I was running along and I noticed there was no gum or dirt anywhere which is kind of unreal. Then I turned the corner to see the yellow slippery when wet signs. People had just moped the outdoor stone and side walk. I was like what happens when it rains does the streets get covered like Superbowl domes? People were also wiping the window slits and the sides of buildings with rags.

I then ran in the other direction down Rodeo Drive into the neighborhood. Which had big beautiful houses on it. After a while I realized I was not looking that the houses anymore, because the trees were so beautiful. I am not sure what kind they were, but they looked like they were out of the Jungle Book. So smooth, like they had no bark. I just wanted to climb their branches. Around here though, I thought I would be arrested.

I ran on this gravel path that was next to what I believe was Santa Monica Blvd. It was the only runing trail that I have ever been on that had signs that said something like, runners yield to cars. I couldn’t believe it only in Hollywood. At a crosswalk I met a women who was also running. She told me she started running when she was 4o and found out she was good at it. She runs half and full marathons. Her advice for those who do chose to train from these events; don’t over train and start out slow (my favorite). After a few blocks she turned right and I went straight.

After this I bussed it over to the rock gym. Where I finished a problem that I couldn’t get the last time! As well as a super fun traversing problem which a few guys where having trouble with. I need to work on my hand strength but over all a great day!!!

Wo: 10miles/2strides/3 hours climbing
Conditions: Warm


About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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