I went to the fashion district today again to get one last good look at he bookstore before I left. After I went back to the bus stop to wait for bus 94 when remembered that I had a read an article in the newspaper recently. It said that there were also cool shops in Little Tokyo. Luckily, I had that newspaper with me with a map showing me the way so I decided to just walk there.

I reached my destination easily enough, it was only like a 15 min walk from the fashion district. Little Tokyo is very cute I only saw maybe a 30 min segment of it, but in that time I visited a the Red Wings shoe store (I am a Detroiter at heart lol), a grocery, cool little outdoor mall and a vintage store. I went into the grocery and tried to find the weirdest looking candy I could find to buy. The outdoor mall was awesome because it had little paper ornaments hanging from strings. The vintage store was more like an antique store great merchandise and high prices.

I figured at that point that I should just keep going. So once I was done with my quick romp through Little Tokyo, I went to China…town. It had a ton of like tea/herb/spice shops. I went to one in this creepy old ally mainly because it was in a creepy old ally. Hoping for a diamond in the ruff kinda deal. I wasn’t disappointed. The shop was old and semi dusty, but neat. There where jars on the walls the kind with the medal clips on the front and rubber stopper around the rim of the top. They were all filled with lose leaf teas. There were also baskets on the tables that were filled with mushrooms and other things (I was sure of what everything was).

After leaving that shop I walked a few blocks. There was so many cool places to see; fresh produce and different shops with everything from acupuncture to energy teas, it was really cool. They even had spice shops that reminded be of store by Eastern Market. It was at that point starting to get dark so I headed to my bus stop.

WO: 10miles (3x1mile threshold)/4strides/2xabs
Conditions: CA Cold


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Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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