Today was fairly family focused day. I tried to hang close to home the whole day, and went to my little cousins basket ball game. It is adorable to watch them play with their little egos. All the parents yelling from the sidelines. It makes me think back to my soccer games when I was little. I give my parents so much credit for getting so excited about my games. My small wins and defeats. I am sure I never shut up about soccer.

My little cousin is slightly scared of the basket ball, but he showed signs of improvement as the game went on. Especially since the kid he was guarding with a foot taller than him. It’s funny, because I know some of these kids will look back on these memories, and think remember when I was tall. Every kid has different growth spurts and seems like some kids who grow early are the ones to stop early. So they are tall now at 10 or 12, but they may stop growing and then everyone will catch up with them.

Thus far my twenties have been one realization after another. Everyday gets more interesting. I have a vivid memory of a being a kid, but not actually able to claim the title any longer. It’s a great perspective.

WO: 12.5miles/2xabs/6strides
Conditions: Cool


About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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