I have been talking with a ‘consultant’ not on purpose more one accident. I really don’t trust him fully and I really don’t tell him everything when we talk about my company. I am always so worried that someone will steal my idea. I think it is kind of a silly thought, but I know there are people out there like that and I have been warned many times by others. That just reinforces that fear. Although without me it is just an idea.

Anyway I have been talking to this man about UR and he keeps getting hung up on marketing and on my name. I think that we shouldn’t worry so much about those things. I could be wrong I have never done this before, he is older and hopefully wiser than I. He knows words like, market opportunity sizing, differentiation margins, revenues and channel management. I am sure not all starting companies know those words. Yet his persists that business minded people prevail. The thing is I really don’t care about making money. I want to be able to pay rent, buy food and live. I may want to travel a bit see the world a little. That said, it is not necessarily my goal to maximize profit or outsource to China to make more money. I want to make a product that works that is efficient. Not one that will sit on shelves or sold to TJ MAX. The products I want to make are going to make a difference. I believe that, so if my name is UR or fuzzyteddys, I really don’t care as long as fuzzyteddys has some great spandex.

Conditions:OK Snowish


About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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