I talked my Ian into running with me next morning. It was not entirety early when we left (I was hoping that would mean it would be warmer), but it was windy which can be way worse. It was 15 degrees outside and I hand on many layers on when Ian and I took off into the winter wonder land. I guess in addition to the snow fall last night Marquette had received a foot and a half two days prier to our assent to the upper hand. What I am trying to say is there was a bit of snow on the ground. We went toward Presque Isle and toward Lake Superior which was rushing and ripping as usual (I am always in awe of its power). We both deciced and by both I mean Ian decided to run up the unplowed Presque Isle road. It goes fairly steeply up hill for a about 2 mins, but after that it is just a gradual up hill. I was definetly huffing and puffing up that portion. No matter what I do I am always weak when it comes to hills. Of course Ian is destroying me, which it always a kick to the old ego, but I toughed it out and soon we were going down hill and then into the warm house.

After this we went to see a house on West Ohio st for rent. Our friend Jack had looked at it last week and had good things to say, so we had high hopes. The outside of the house appeared to have old gray shingles as siding and it looked sort of ugly. We waited as the landlord, a women by the name of Carrie pulled up in the driveway. She informed us that the Realtor would be here shortly. I guess Carrie is still in the process of buying the house. All the old furniture and things left by the previous family was left laying around in the house. It had a medium sized living room with shag carpets and a big flowery couch that looked like it had been there forever. There was a dining room and a pantry which I am very very excited to have. The kitchen had little counter space and no dishwasher, but I can make do with out that. The basement was unfinished, with good vibes and even more things that filled it. I was told later there was a toilet down there too, but some reason I missed it. The basement connects to this “under the porch thing” that looks creepy, kind of Texas Chainsaw-ish. The upstairs though was amazing all the rooms were huge and there was this weird bathroom. It had a room in it which I thought was odd. It was not a big room, maybe it was a closet, but it was big enough for a futon and that was it. Sewing room!!! I am so excited.

Basically we loved the house! It should be fun!

WO:10miles/2 strides/2hours climbing


About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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