I wrote my blog post a bit early yesterday so didn’t get to add in some great details. I met with my friend Kara at Baby Cakes. Baby Cakes is a cute little coffee shop. They have amazing muffins, if you ever go to Marquette, MI check it out. Anyway.. I went to meet with her and discussed my choice to move to Marquette and caught up. She was telling me about her company that she started which is a timing company (they time races). She also introduced me to a few sports gear places in Marquette, that may also be willing to sell my gear. I got so excited about that!

So today, I went running and I saw an embroidery shop, I forget the name, but as I was ran I read the sign. They also do silk screening and some other operations. I would like to get in there and talk to the owner about silk screening tags. It would be so cool if I could get most of my operations done in Marquette. Hopefully all in Michigan. If anyone stumbles across this blog and knows any sportswear fabric distributors in Michigan, please take time to let me know.

Side note: Quickly, rowing machines, if you haven’t tried to them, you need to. I have been focused on running for such a long time it made me forget how many other cool exercises there are. You sit on this machine and like push with you legs and then pull with your arms. You are just sitting so if you get bored you can watch tv and it has a good cadence. It is really great! I can’t wait for more discoveries.

WO:10milesish/4strides/2xabs/20min rowing!
Conditions:25 degrees warm!


About jaqviva

Just another runner/climber trying to start her own sportswear company. Searching for the right path with purpose. LIFE!!! I'm so excited!

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