“Always believe that you can accomplish what you set your mind to..” -KM

I wrote my blog post a bit early yesterday so didn’t get to add in some great details. I met with my friend Kara at Baby Cakes. Baby Cakes is a cute little coffee shop. They have amazing muffins, if you ever go to Marquette, MI check it out. Anyway.. I went to meet with her and discussed my choice to move to Marquette and caught up. She was telling me about her company that she started which is a timing company (they time races). She also introduced me to a few sports gear places in Marquette, that may also be willing to sell my gear. I got so excited about that!

So today, I went running and I saw an embroidery shop, I forget the name, but as I was ran I read the sign. They also do silk screening and some other operations. I would like to get in there and talk to the owner about silk screening tags. It would be so cool if I could get most of my operations done in Marquette. Hopefully all in Michigan. If anyone stumbles across this blog and knows any sportswear fabric distributors in Michigan, please take time to let me know.

Side note: Quickly, rowing machines, if you haven’t tried to them, you need to. I have been focused on running for such a long time it made me forget how many other cool exercises there are. You sit on this machine and like push with you legs and then pull with your arms. You are just sitting so if you get bored you can watch tv and it has a good cadence. It is really great! I can’t wait for more discoveries.

WO:10milesish/4strides/2xabs/20min rowing!
Conditions:25 degrees warm!


Definetly Winter

I talked my Ian into running with me next morning. It was not entirety early when we left (I was hoping that would mean it would be warmer), but it was windy which can be way worse. It was 15 degrees outside and I hand on many layers on when Ian and I took off into the winter wonder land. I guess in addition to the snow fall last night Marquette had received a foot and a half two days prier to our assent to the upper hand. What I am trying to say is there was a bit of snow on the ground. We went toward Presque Isle and toward Lake Superior which was rushing and ripping as usual (I am always in awe of its power). We both deciced and by both I mean Ian decided to run up the unplowed Presque Isle road. It goes fairly steeply up hill for a about 2 mins, but after that it is just a gradual up hill. I was definetly huffing and puffing up that portion. No matter what I do I am always weak when it comes to hills. Of course Ian is destroying me, which it always a kick to the old ego, but I toughed it out and soon we were going down hill and then into the warm house.

After this we went to see a house on West Ohio st for rent. Our friend Jack had looked at it last week and had good things to say, so we had high hopes. The outside of the house appeared to have old gray shingles as siding and it looked sort of ugly. We waited as the landlord, a women by the name of Carrie pulled up in the driveway. She informed us that the Realtor would be here shortly. I guess Carrie is still in the process of buying the house. All the old furniture and things left by the previous family was left laying around in the house. It had a medium sized living room with shag carpets and a big flowery couch that looked like it had been there forever. There was a dining room and a pantry which I am very very excited to have. The kitchen had little counter space and no dishwasher, but I can make do with out that. The basement was unfinished, with good vibes and even more things that filled it. I was told later there was a toilet down there too, but some reason I missed it. The basement connects to this “under the porch thing” that looks creepy, kind of Texas Chainsaw-ish. The upstairs though was amazing all the rooms were huge and there was this weird bathroom. It had a room in it which I thought was odd. It was not a big room, maybe it was a closet, but it was big enough for a futon and that was it. Sewing room!!! I am so excited.

Basically we loved the house! It should be fun!

WO:10miles/2 strides/2hours climbing

Road Trip

I woke up early to run today, because sitting in a car for 9 hours with no exercise before hand is brutal. I should preface the next statement with a story. Last winter I flipped my car on my way up to Marquette. I was driving under the speed limit, had my hands on ten and two, no radio and no texting. I had just hit black ice and put-her in the ditch. The worse part was I receive a ticket for being unable to maintain control of my vehicle. Since I thought I did everything right, I felt like I had been taken advantage of. I went to fight the ticket and lost, the lady presiding over the whole event wouldn’t even listen to me. She made her mind up before I even got in that court room. Thus being emotionally scarred from the entire event, I also have a person shaking their figure at me that is kind of ridiculous. Either way I have been terrified for snow to come.

When I left my sisters house in Berkley and started driving it was kind of snowing, but not really anything to be worried about (for a untainted person). I on the other hand would fear every stretch of wet pavement like it was a sheet of ice and every time is would snow I would start to sweat. I made it to Chelsea in one piece picked up my friend Ian, and drove to Petoskey to get our friend Van. We were making good time until we hit some lake effect snow in the upper and then it went down hill. We passed two cars in the ditch and we were driving literally 30mph for the last 53miles to Marquette. We go into Marquette at 7:45pm I had left for my journey at 8:30am.


Going to Marquette

I am in the process of trying to get things together. I just found out today I am going to Marquette, MI so everything is a bit jumbled. No post today sorry folks!

WO:15min pick up/10miles 2 strides/gs/2xabs/1:30 climbing
Conditions: Cold

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils … – Louis Hector Berlioz

Nothing really to report, just a bit of learning online. I need to start making a schdule of what I need to get done, by what time. I keep remembering to do things way after the business day ends. I think that the whole “UR” name situation has been resolved at lease on my end. I hope the copy write goes through. Cross your fingers!

Other news I climbed today. I can climb a 5-10a, and I think that is where I am at right now. I really want to break into a 5-11, but some of the 5-10b are hard for me. I think part of it is I don’t really remember getting from a 5-8 to the 5-9 or even of I had any trouble there. I feel like I have been stagnant, forever at this level of climbing. My friend Aman can climb 5-12 maybe a 5-13 and it drives me insane. I think I need to go to he wall more and set some goals for myself

WO:13miles/3hours climbing
Conditions: cold-ish

“The most essential factor is persistence – the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come.” James Whitcomb

I have been talking with a ‘consultant’ not on purpose more one accident. I really don’t trust him fully and I really don’t tell him everything when we talk about my company. I am always so worried that someone will steal my idea. I think it is kind of a silly thought, but I know there are people out there like that and I have been warned many times by others. That just reinforces that fear. Although without me it is just an idea.

Anyway I have been talking to this man about UR and he keeps getting hung up on marketing and on my name. I think that we shouldn’t worry so much about those things. I could be wrong I have never done this before, he is older and hopefully wiser than I. He knows words like, market opportunity sizing, differentiation margins, revenues and channel management. I am sure not all starting companies know those words. Yet his persists that business minded people prevail. The thing is I really don’t care about making money. I want to be able to pay rent, buy food and live. I may want to travel a bit see the world a little. That said, it is not necessarily my goal to maximize profit or outsource to China to make more money. I want to make a product that works that is efficient. Not one that will sit on shelves or sold to TJ MAX. The products I want to make are going to make a difference. I believe that, so if my name is UR or fuzzyteddys, I really don’t care as long as fuzzyteddys has some great spandex.

Conditions:OK Snowish

Stop being afraid, let life happen to you, life is always in the right. ALWAYS. -unknown

I got together with my dear friend Leah E. today to talk over some cost sheets. Cost sheets are a template for showing you how much you should actually charge for something. They help you to pay off investment capital which will one day hopefully turn into, well profit. I am sure I will not be making money for a very long time, but we are fine with that. It is all about the journey, right? The cost sheets kind of also bring to mind everything that I have been buying in recent weeks. Such as machines, pattern paper, rulers, pencil, machines (twice for effect), fabric, thread and on and on.

Leah also went over a bit of much need to know information. Her mother and father own a steel selling company, and have been running it for 20 years now. That gives Leah a little back ground knowledge. I am leaning so much! I am understanding economics more than I did in college. I think it would be beneficial if classes would give you more real life examples instead of hypothetical ones. Maybe I just pay attention to companies that I care about. Either way I am gaining knowledge and that is all that matters.

I really can’t wait!

-A little closer

Conditons: sNOOOOOOw!


First of all my new shoes came today which I badly needed!!! I am so happy. I think part of my problem with my hami was from wearing bad shoes. My knees and shins and lower body in general will be much happier on tomorrow’s run!

I was researching things today and I came across MRT Testing and I was like hmmm interesting. The women who was talking about it was a very physically fit women. She was saying how she could not eat certain foods, some of which I considered good for you, like grapes. I thought this is crazy, grapes are good! I of course Googled MRT Diet (don’t just Google MRT by itself, it comes up with some weird stuff).  Well I can up with this great video that explains what is really going on. Watch.

Also I know this is super random, but I think people don’t take the time to be ok with being by themselves. I for one am slowly becoming more and more ok with it. It has really helped me to learn a lot about my self. I am not saying go lock yourself in closet, I am saying go spend time with you once in a while. Make time to explore who you are and what you really want. When I was in California I was by myself a lot and I though that really helped me understand my limits and how to work on those. Also understand my abilities and how to maximize on them.  If you are bored watch this YouTube video it is a really good poem about being alone. Listen to the words even if the images are kinda dorky (I like it).


WO:10miles/2hours climbing
Conditions:30 sNOOOOOw


I had a bit of a rough start to my day. I tried to do a workout and my hami, which I twicked after my long run Saturday was hurting. I just did a base run today. It was kind of nice not having to power through injuries. I was like nope not doing a wo today and that was that. Afterword I went to home base and got all tangled in the world wide web.

I have been totally obsessed with this new site Quora, which I think I mentioned in earlier blogs. Anyway you can ask questions tons of questions, and if there is one thing I love is asking questions. I feel like every two mins I am revising the site to ask a question or read answers to older ‘Q’s.

Then one of my friends found me an e commerce site, called Highwire! Now I just need to figure out how to connect the Highwire site to my UR site (I asked that on Quora, no reply). I am trying to network thus twitter has been a big help for me. I have been trying to find the people that I need to meet. After that I was reading up on branding and more of that Fashion for Profit book.

Oh I almost forgot. I was listening to NPR and they were talking about “Lemonade: Detroit” created by Erik Proulx. It is a movie on Detroit, kind of a were still here piece. It is very up lifting. I was watching the trailer and it looks really good. One of my favorite quotes was, “The buildings that you see that are empty spaces right now are spaces for new ideas.” This was said my the owner of Bureau of Urban Living. I think the greatest thing that we can take from all the job loss and heartache going on in this city, is that people haven’t given up. That to me is very inspiring, and pushes me to succeed in Michigan, and help to create jobs for those in need… But first I need my serger blades 😉

Conditions: Beautiful 45 and rainy


Different Needles for Different Machines

I went over to where my machines are being stored and tried to put new needles into my Juki serger. Which is my pride and joy, I found it on Craig’s List extremely discounted. It was like a sign that I needed to have it. I wasn’t even looking for a serger at the time, well maybe I was. Either way the machine was in mint condition beautiful and shiny.

I realized after using the machine, it needed new blades which I ordered. Then my machine guy, David Greenburg sent me the wrong with blades. Which is not fine. I WANT TO SEW! This is why today when I realized I didn’t have the correct sized needles, I though David just sent me the wrong needles. So, I called him up and just told him my problem and then he said he would call me right back. David did call back not 10 min had pasted when I heard the phone ring. When I answered David told be that he did send me the right needles, just that the ones that I had chosen to use were those for my cover stitch machine. I then remembered that I had ordered both at the same time and must have intermixed the two. I had a 50/50 chance and I picked wrong. I am glad I made that mistake though now I will actually know which needles I need to order. If I hadn’t I would just keep thinking both needle were that same. Just learning and learning. I hope all this knowledge turns into a company, well I am sure there will be effort added in there somewhere. I really can’t wait!

WO:10mile/2.5 hours climbing
Conditions: 34degrees